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ANOTHER THING, never give the NBC Peacock pepper.

oh my assbuddies:
:iconphantomtheserperior: we like to say no to eachother and sometimes talk about drugs because we don't do them xD
:iconzouaji: because we like potatoshipping (dj yellow x hornfels) because we might go to hell :')
:iconfurfag-starreh: we like to talk about anything like wandafork, chapsticks, etc.damn it i cant piss myself anymore from all your stuff
:iconslcks:we liek beign fags



Since I'm hardly active here due to the fact I get at least little to no favourites, oh and less views (exception of the SK fanart featured on Fanart Friday on Facebook and Twitter and BG on April 25 and 18, respectively as that post hit over 1k hits), I'm starting to be more active on pixiv.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience to those watching me, I'll still post, but not as often as usual.

This is like I just started a hiatus on tumblr. as I'm expected to return until later this year, early 2015, or further notice.* I'll rarely post a thing and delete the posts that caused me to be on a hiatus there.

There on pixiv, each of my posts get at least 2 bookmarks or greater (with the exception of R-18 posts as they get 1, 2 or none on average)

*Further notice is meant for notes and reblogs I've received on my account. This hiatus could be shorter than 1 month or later.

Well, apparently, my minds are telling me to stay here, as I'm most likely on pixiv. Just because I'm more active on pixiv doesn't mean I hail from Japan. I actually hail in the US. There they've got an English version. If you can, feel free to add me as a Maipiku (My pixiv in English)

Speaking of languages, I use Japanese on pixiv, despite the fact I use Google Translate on my illustrations. I'll be seeing you here and there!

Yours truly, Occsters, 14 | ♀ |  (Aug 07)

Leo icon courtesy of Twitter
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Circus - Britney Spears - 2008
  • Reading: Facebook notifications.
  • Playing: Spiral Knights
  • Drinking: tea m8


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United States
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My Userpage on the Spiral Knights Wiki:…
Character: Occsters
Creator: Occy213 (see Wiki page)
Sex (creator only): Female (see next to my dA location and see every hub I've been in)
Birthday (creator only): August 07, 2000 (age 14)
Joined: August 16, 2012
Rank: Champion (9-1); next 9-2, then 9-3, THEN 9-4, THEN VANGUARD (10-1)
Star Certification: 5-star certification
Prestige: over 15k+, next badge at 25k+
Highest Star Equipped: Valkyrie Helm (w/ Frosty Glasses), Valkyrie Mail (w/ Exorciser Crest, Love Aura), Blitz Needle
Blitz Only Set (as of now): either Spiral Demo Helm (w/ Prismatic Bolted Vee or Prismatic Birthday Candle), Wolver Coat (w/ Dismantler Crest) or Hallow Tailed Helm (w/ Hallow Vertical Vents, Hallow Glasses, Hallow Maid Headband), Hallow Scale Mail (w/ Hallow Crest, will get Hallow Wings)
Future Blitz Only set: likely Bombastic + Ash Tail
Guild: Kitkat Royal Family (past: The Gremlin Order from 2012?-2013)
Guild Role: Veteran (highest and past Officer; degraded by Omglolz)
Personal Color: Crimson (past: Aquamarine from August 16, 2012-April 05, 2014)
Eyes: Normal (past: Plus from March 21, 2014-April 05, 2014; Happy from August 16, 2012-March 21, 2014)
Highest amount of Crowns: c. 135k on April 05, 2014
Size: Tall +1
Lockdown User: Yes (every tier except Tier 1, never attended yet)
Blast Network User: Not often (keeps defeating self)
BN Death (suicide-bomb) message: Occsters had a death wish.
BN Death (other user) message: <perp> killed Occsters.
BN Death (killed another) message: Occsters killed <victim>.
Joined deviantART: January 12, 2012; 2 years ago
Joined the Steam Community: August 15, 2013; 11 months ago
Moved account to Steam: February 20, 2014 (had SK since August 23, 2013 on Steam; moved 6 months later)
Caketastrophe Events Attended: 1 (didn't attend 2013's due to hiatus; didn't attend 2012's, haven't signed up until 4 months later)
Has OCH: Not yet (but should)
RARE Enemies seen: Impostocube (2012-2013), Soul Jelly (2013.09.17), Love Puppy (2014.04.09)
Stream page:

HUBS: Twitch: (see above) | pixiv ID no.: 3,707,929 | YouTube: same as my dA name, linked with G+, SyIveon lntertwining | Skype: christinenanaruki (2011-2011; forgot password, moved), luvbi.0 (2012-2014; moved), occsters (2014-present) | Wikia: same as dA name (my name is separated in spaces) | Facebook: occythechossom (Occsters SK) | Twitter: Occsters | tumblr.: occsters, askhalloruii (not set up yet), ctpism (2012-2013; forgot password on end of 2013) | neopets: sanjilthewolf (HAS MY IRL NAME) (2010-present, first NP Xweetok), happyhoppy52 (ALSO HAS MY IRL NAME) (2009-present, forgot what I started with @~@'), occy211 (2012-present, first NP Xweetok), occy213 (2013-unknown, first NP Lutari), occy708 (2014-present, first NP Kiko) | Whirled ID no.: 7,488,186

akina_nakamori, a neopets account created by her sister ~rirrouii is taken from a Japanese pop musician of the same name, Akina Nakamori. That account was created in 2012.
The deviantID is my current Spiral Knights character, August 2014.

Last updated August 14, 2014 EDT


20121014 by ChristineThePikachu
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